Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Everybody is a Genius

Ok, so I was busily pinning post after post from Everybody is a Genius, and suddenly realized that only my Pinterest followers were ever going to see Sarah's amazing blog if I didn't write my own post about it!

Sarah is a middle and high school math teacher in New Jersey who's been teaching for six years and blogging for four. She's young and inventive, and some of her ideas knock my socks off!

From her lesson plan binders
to her activities with manipulatives
and interactive student notebooks,
Sarah's ideas simply ROCK!
So, click right on over, "steal" all of Sarah's ideas that will work for you, and maybe leave her a thank-you comment. I'm letting her know how much I like them and that I've shared with you!


  1. Wow thanks so much!! I am new to this blogging thing and I am thrilled to hear that you're enjoying some of my ideas :) I have gotten so many ideas from other people that I thought it was time to try to give some back.

  2. Many of my ideas came from teaching friends, too, Sarah. Thanks for sharing yours!