Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Marvelous Cherry Carl (and her updated website)

If you teach kindergarten, primary grades, or English Learners, or if you do reading intervention and by some twist of fate have never seen Cherry Carl's incredible work, you are in for a truly amazing treat!

to Carl's Corner!

Cherry retired after 35 years as a teacher & language arts specialist, and was an instructor in the Reading Specialist Program  at U.C. San Diego until 2009. She still maintains this amazing website packed with great resources. In her words, "I wasn't ready to retire. Teaching is in my blood! I'm passionate about the joy of knowing how to read and write and want every child to have the experience of closing a book with a sigh, 'Wow, that was a good book!'"

Cherry had expanded her original website Carl's Corner into four separate ones. In 2015, she incorporated them back into one large site. Here you'll find so many activities that it will take you hours to see it all. Seriously. I tried to think of a way to give you an idea of everything on the site, but I simply couldn't. Instead, I'll just show you one of her "Rhyme Time Bingo" cards and tell you that it's the tip of an enormous iceberg:

Click on Alphabet Avenue, which is is dedicated entirely to activities that support learning and using the alphabet, including a variety of offerings for each letter. There is a CD loaded with goodies for sale, but most things are absolutely FREE!

There are small books to print that you can find on the Website Directory by subject, such as Critters, Dinosaurs, Fall, etc., along with pocket chart cards and much more. Again, you can buy a CD with lots of printables, or you can download and print FREE ones.

Another previously separate site, Word Way, has hundreds of pages of word family activities, games, posters, songs, and puzzles.

Honestly, I've been downloading, printing, laminating, and using Cherry Carl's resources for several years, and every time I look at one of her websites, I'm still amazed by things I've never seen before. You're going to love them!


  1. I love her stuff too, but can't use the sight word program anymore with district changes. I have lots of copied pages to give away if anyone wants them!
    Email me at

  2. Hi there, the "Word Way" site is taking me to a plumbing blog. Can you help?

    1. Laura, I'm so glad you gave me a heads up about this! Cherry recombined all of the sites into one very large one in 2015. I have corrected the links in this blog post, which I hope will help everyone who visits. Thanks so much!