Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Great Resources From Ireland's NBSS

Today I'm sharing a fantastic resource from across the pond! Ireland's National Behaviour Support Service was established in 2006 in response to a recommendation in School Matters: The Report of the Task Force on Student Behaviour in Second Level Schools (2006). Education reform movements that result from a report - we've lived through a few, right?
I think, however, that you'll love this service's guiding principles:
  • Schools can make a difference in young people’s lives.
  • A whole school approach, founded on respectful relationships, is essential in promoting and supporting positive behaviours throughout the school community.
  • Behaviour is intrinsically linked to teaching and learning.
  • Inclusion is a core educational value.
  • Good practice in schools is acknowledged and disseminated.

Here's the best part for your practice: The NBSS has assembled a library of resources that support schools and students in the development of academic literacy, learning, and study skills. On the Publications & Resources section of this site there are over twenty individual comprehension, vocabulary and study strategy resources to download, as well as vocabulary notebooks, reading comprehension bookmarks and posters, and many other resources to support teaching and learning. Wow.
I chose one of these great items to highlight: 

From their description: "The Somebody-Wanted-But-So strategy is used during or after reading. It provides a framework to use when summarising the action of a story or historical event by identifying key elements. The strategy also helps students identify the main ideas, recognise cause and effect relationships, make generalisations, identify differences between characters and look at various points of view." Yes, their spelling is British, naturally. :)

I really want you to click over and see all of the amazing resources, so I'm showing you everything included with this one: 

1. Teaching steps, including modeling the strategy for your students:

Explicitly teaching ‘Somebody Wanted But So’:
Step 1
Model the ‘Somebody Wanted But So’ strategy by reading a selection of text aloud or retelling an event – this could be a story, film or real life event. Complete the SWBS four column chart: Somebody (character/figure), Wanted  (goal/motivation), But (conflict), So/So then(resolution/outcome). Point out that there can be more than one ‘Somebody Wanted But So’ in a text selection/chapter and show how a second SWBS statement can be generated, if applicable.   
Step 2
Read aloud a second text selection or retell an event. Ask students to identify the Somebody from the event. Write down the name of the person in the first column. Explain that the Wanted represents the plot or motivation of the person/people and complete the second column. Explain that the But is the conflict or challenge the person/people faced and record the student responses in the third column. Finally, explain that the So column is to record the outcome or resolution and complete this column. Then read aloud the summary statement.
Step 3
Assign another selection of text or retell an event and in pairs/groups students complete a SWBS chart. Share SWBS statements in small groups and discuss the similarities and differences in the statements, as well as evidence in the text used to support each statement. Continue to guide students until they can use the strategy independently.

2. Examples, including Anne Frank and Romeo and Juliet, AND 
3. Templates to use with your students, with & without scaffolding

Remember that much more awaits you at NBSS...enjoy!
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