Thursday, 30 August 2012

Common Core Standards Checklists

When I find a resource that looks good for middle school ELA, I run it by my daughter, who teaches 7th & 8th grade Reading & Language Arts. Yesterday, she told me she needed checklists that would allow her to note the dates when she taught skills for a particular Common Core standard.

Here's what I found for her, for FREE, at Tori Gorosave's Teachers Pay Teachers page: Common Core Checklist ELA Grade 7, and for $1.00, Common Core Checklist ELA Grade 8.

Though Joanna won't use this, Tori also has a Common Core Checklist ELA Grade 6 for only $1.50.

For YOU, I searched for checklists for younger grades too, and here's what I found:

Fonda Jones, on her TPT page, offers a FREE class checklist for 1st grade ELA. Her other ELA and math checklists, each of which has space for 24 students, are $1.50 each.

Anne Wheeler also has ELA Checklists for K-5th grade for $1 - $1.50, which are not set up as class lists. Her checklists for K-5th math are $1.50 each at TPT.

When you consider the time these teachers have spent putting the documents together, this nominal amount is a real deal. Hope you find just what will work best for you!