Friday, 28 September 2012

Common Core Practice | A King’s Skeleton, a Musical Mystery, a Territorial Dispute

1. an informative writing task for the international story: “Discovery of Skeleton Puts Richard III in Battle Once Again

2. a narrative writing task for the front page story: “ ‘Rebecca’ Sees Investor Fade, as if Dreamt

3. a second informative writing task for the international story: “Near Disputed Islands, Japan Confronts Boats From Taiwan

And a bonus: This week, one of Sarah Gross and Jonathan Olsen's students suggested an extension activity connected to the “Rebecca” prompt.

Thank you to Sarah, Jonathan, their students, and 
The Learning Network!

From the site: 

"All of our lesson plans, which go into much greater depth than the(se) short assignments, are aligned to the Common Core, including recent ones on algebra, Hispanic Heritage month, writing advice, human muscle systems and the video that has been roiling the Muslim world.

We also hope you’ll encourage students to choose their own Times articles (or multimedia) to read and write about. Each Friday we ask, “What Interested You Most in The Times This Week?” and choose one student response to highlight."