Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Zygote Body™ & 3D Science - Check it out, Biology teachers!

Teachers of Life Science and Biology, today's post is for you!

Zygote Body™, the new incarnation of Google Body, is gorgeous, three-dimensional human anatomy at your fingertips. Just choose gender and go! By manipulating the controls, you can reveal layers, rotate the image vertically and horizontally, change systems, select for labels...it is phenomenal! And FREE!

Here's a screenshot that shows the controls on the left:

And that's not all that's available from Zygote: 3D Science provides a selection of beautiful clipart from its commercial images that can be used in presentations and educational handouts. How about this image of a constellation of neuron cells?

Go over to their site and look around to see everything. What an incredible resource from a classy company, all FREE for you!

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