Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Common Core Math Posters

Being part of a family of teachers is wonderful! My mother-in-law (years before I married her son) was my 8th grade math teacher who modeled professionalism and being the best teacher you can be. I've mentioned my daughter and her great ideas in previous posts. Today I'm sharing a website that my nephew, a middle school math teacher, shared with me last weekend. 

Jordan School District in Utah has developed and posted online an amazing set of 32 posters to enlarge and print for your classroom. You and your students can refer to them as you explore the Common Core Mathematical Practices Standards.

Here's a preview - the poster for Mathematical Practice Standard 1 for 4th & 5th grades:
Hover over the Teachers tab and click on your grade to see the entire set. Posters aren't all you'll find there, though. If you look at the Scope and Sequence charts, some of which are still in draft form, you will see "I Can" statements that you can use instead of creating your own. What a great FREE resource - thank you, Jordan School District!