Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Chemistry/Physical Science teachers, this is for YOU! (And it's great!)

When I was teaching Physical Science, I had a set of samples of chemical elements. They were small, sealed in lucite bars, but they were so much better than pictures in a textbook. My students enjoyed them, and they were able to see some of the elements' physical properties up close.

Your students can see much, much more now that video journalist Brady Haran has created 118 videos about the elements featuring chemists from the University of Nottingham. Check it out at The Periodic Table of Videos.

This is a totally amazing site, with much more than a video for each chemical element. Extra Videos has news, travels, special occasions, and funny stuff, too. The group has also added a new collection called Molecular Videos that provide information about their favorite molecules and compounds. Here's one called "Fire Water":

This video could be used to kick off your study of chemical properties and reactions, during which you have your students investigate for themselves many other reactions.

Hurry on over, and enjoy this great resource!

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